The Office is an absorption, unification of two or more subjects, where they cease their autonomus existence as personalities. They become partsofthesystem, are oppressed by it.

   I have to visit different offices by my job duties and to work there for some time with documents and people. There I feel myself in the two conditions at the one time: as external viewer, exterior to the office life in all it’s diversity. Upon that I’m integrated in the system of the office life of every enterprise, which I visit. There are tons of scholar researches about how to correctly build an office space and to create relations between people to get the maximum efficiency for this given enterprise from the people, who stay 8 hours every day in an enclosed space. But human resist this too rational space and creates small personal space around him/her in an anonymized environment, trying to get away from the machine algorithm of office life, don’t to let instructions to absorb him/her. Office time changes and organizes personal minutes.