Russia from the car window

     April is a time of muddy roads in Russia. But besides of weather it's a great pleasure to look at subtle Russian landscapes through a car window.  But if only you think, that you have to walk away from a pavement to this swamp, then you feel that you will fall through and disappear forever. But around other countrymen are living quietly.

  You feel disharmony when you look at modern windows in old decayed houses. Something true and indigenous is disappearing.

   Sometimes you meet remnants from the Soviet times- ancient church, decorated with carved stone turns out to be village shop. 

   It was a discovery for mr. that there are people in the Russian province, which feel their identity, they don't look like maskers, as if city citizen wear national clothes and keep it for holidays, such as Easter, for example. 

   Half-lost angel on the church gate - primordiality, a promise through time, through the centuries.

  Ancient and modern, what will remain permanent and what will disappear? And again road and bell-ringing.