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    Labyrinths of Petrogradskaya Side's yards are unique spaces, where each corner has it's own individuality, but they create one whole picture with the multiple entrances. But non-initiated people may not always find an exit. You can go through the labyrinth, but you cannot see it as a whole, only separate parts. And it’s often not clear, what will be after the next turn.

  Yards are asymmetrical, multilayered and dynamic. They transform and go through multiple rebuildings and reconstructions.

       Tesseract is a tetracube, i.e a cube in the four-dimensional space. I consider Petrogradskaya Side’s yards being such a tesseract, it’s projection onto our reality. It’s own invisible life exists in the space and time. But it is way beyond our usual beleifs.

      Also there are yards-shafts. You can only raise your head to see space. Man wants to escape somewhere, even not understanding, where. But things that exist hold him tightly here. Life environment makes it’s impact, but you want to go out, to be outside.